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March 27, 2005

Yahoo! popularity going mainstream

Om Malik reports on Yahoo!’s upturn in popularity, and provides good commentary of how Yahoo! are winning back the hearts and minds of webmasters.

I’ve already reported on the problems that Google have been experiencing, and the resurgence in Yahoo! as a choice for webmasters. However, Om Malik fails to mention that many developers are eyeing the Yahoo! Developer Network with real interest, especially as Yahoo! deny future restrictions on access to the API.

But a key point has not yet been underlined - the internet is a conversation, a community of webmasters in one shared medium. And it is in this medium that Google have increasingly isolated themselves, and refused to continue to be a part of the conversation.

Yahoo!, alternatively, has decided to join in with a gusto.

Although Google search is improving again, they still haven’t stepped back on the autolink debacle. Also, the old 302 redirect problem is resurfacing, as clearly demonstrated on SEW. And Threadwatch have not simply raised the critical issue of Google’s communication strategy, they also booted Googleguy from the site after discovering multiple users accessing the aliases, one of which was happy to cuss on Slashdot.

Ultimately, we’ve seen this merry-go-round of company popularity before - the internet is a dynamic place. After all, there is more than one way to split the demographic of internet users - and one is pre- and post- AltaVista.

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