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September 1, 2009

Firefox 3.5 doesn’t accept target=”new”?

Let’s get back to blogging…

Just noticed something strange while updating an affiliate link - Firefox 3.5 would not open a new window using the command target=”new”.

Had to go and change all of the links to target=”_blank” instead.

Strange - I would have thought that target=”new” would be a more common sense protocol to support, instead of _blank - yet it appears it doesn’t.

Unless, of course, my installation is running buggy?

In the meantime, the new Firefox 3.5 security certification process really is silly - Firefox was and still is trailblazed by the online tech community - which especially includes webmasters.

But now when logging in to CPanel we’re essentially warned that my choices are:

1. Armageddon will occur if you continue, and the only way to proceed is by run shrieking from the site,
2. Find out just how close to disintegration I was by not visiting
3. Walk bravely into certain death

Come on, Firefox - I know you have an expanding user base - people like me recommend you - but please remember that webmasters routinely encounter secure certificates set up for different domains - it’s a fact of life for hosting panels, email setups, and regional logins.

I notice at least you don’t give the warning for Google Adsense on the domain like IE 6 does - but I guess you specifically whitelisted Google? If so, doesn’t that hint at bigger possible user problems with Firefox across the net?

Another annoyance - I’ve noticed the history bar no longer makes a distinction between http and https connections when recommending a URL. So if I’m looking to login to CPanel, type https, and the domain name, it tries to suggest normal http URLs instead of keeping to https ones.

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  1. target=”new” (also “_new”) just points to a frame or window name. If you’ve opened it once and don’t close this tab or window, all content from links with target=”new” loads in the tab/window named “new” by the very first click on a target’ed link. “_blank” is the only normed way to force opening a new tab/window.

    Comment by Sebastian — September 15, 2009 @ 5:33 pm

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